Non Recourse Funding

Non Recourse Funding

You have been linked to this website because you are looking for financing for a major project. You probably have been disappointed by your bank’s lack of interest in your idea, or they want a substantial personal investment into your project. So now you are seeking other sources of funding to get your project off the ground.


100% Project Funding accomplished via Direct Investment in the Project. Projects can be Domestic and International. This is accomplished with Lease & Trade Bank Guarantee Program. The Investment is minimal at 155k Euro which is used to Lease & Monetize the a Bank Guarantee valued at $ 200Euro to start the process. Lease Fees are paid at the end of the Lease from Trade Earnings.

How The Process Works:

There are 4 parts to this Process – Organisation of the Instrument, Monetization of the Instrument, Trading the Instrument and Payment for the Instrument. As this is a complex and timely procedure we therefore employ the services of a Facilitator in order to co-ordinate the process smoothly and efficiently.

1. First Stage – Obtaining the Instrument
• Under this program the client effectively purchases the instrument for 116% of Face Value. A purchase contract along with an invoice is delivered to reflect the 116% cost of the instrument.
• The Instrument is then transferred to the Monetizer’s account. Payment for the swift fee to transfer the instrument is 55,000 Euro per 100million Euro of Bank Guarantee Face Value – minimum is now 200million Euro
• Subject to delivery & verification of the instrument at the client’s bank, the client is required to remit a 16% down payment within 5 days of delivery. This will be taken out of the Monetised Amount.

2. Second Stage – Monetizing the Instrument
• The instrument is Monetized at 60% of the face value and placed directly into a 40 Weeks Program earning between 50% and 100% per Week. This will generate the funds to pay for the first down payment of 16% to the Instrument Provider.
• Once the 16% down payment is remitted to the issuing bank, the title to the instrument is assigned to the client.
• The instrument can now be used at the discretion of the client and his bank, subject to the balance owing for the instrument being paid in full and purchased on or before day 350.

3. Third Stage – Trading the Instrument
• A 40 Week Program can return anything from 50-100% per Week. For this example let’s presume that we have after Monetisation an Amount of 120mil euro. The Program will produce 120 mil euro per Week, which will generate in total 4.8B euros (based on this example only – but could be more).

4. Fourth Stage – Payment for the Instrument
• The balance of payment of 100% is now due; however it is important to note that although the full payment is paid 15 days prior to maturity being day 350, however the instrument has a maturity of 365 days. The client and his bank hold custody of the instrument for another 15 days (350 +15=365) until day 365 – the maturity date.
• On the maturity date, they then can take the instrument to the issuing bank and claim settlement against the full face of the instrument.
• Settlement of the instrument will allow the client to recover 100% of the face value of the instrument, thereby recouping the full amount paid out to the provider 15 days earlier. This means the net cost to the client for the service provided is 16% for the year.

The whole process takes approximately 20-30 working days as long as all procedures are followed in a timely manner. A Commission Fee of 10% is charged on the Trade Profits to cover all Intermediaries.


Airplane Purchases or Construction
Amusement Theme Parks
Apartment Buildings
Business Start-ups
Business Turnarounds
Bio-Diesel Plants
Cruise Ship Construction or purchase
Church Campus Construction
Construction Financing
Condo and Town home Developments
Congregate Care Facility
Corporate Expansion,
Alternative Energy Projects
Ethanol Plants
Full Service Major Flagged Hotels
Golf Courses
Growth Capital
Industrial Warehouses
International Financing
Land Loans
Manufacturing Plants
Master Planned Communities
Medical Office Complexes
Mining Projects
Mobile Home Parks
Motion Pictures
Multi Family Dwellings
Nursing Homes
Office Buildings
Oil and Gas Development
Parking Structure
Residential Development
Self Storage Facilities
Senior Housing
Ship Purchase or Construction
Shopping Malls

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