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IMPORTANT NOTE:Asset Owner is No Pledging, No Assigning, No Mortgaging, No Selling. Their Asset merely provides Proof of Ownership and Valuation, and the Trade Platform will do the rest.

Asset Owner puts up CIS (Client Information Sheet)/PP (Proof of Property), Appraisal (needs to demonstrate: ID of Principal, Proof of Ownership or Concession Contract of the Asset and Valuation Certificate). The Asset Owner must obtain a Bank SKR from a Top 10 Banks

To avoid initial SKR Costs, the Asset Owner may submit a RWA Letter certifying he is Ready, Willing & Able to obtain a Bank SKR upon receiving advise from Trader that Asset is ready to Trade. SKR will be used to obtain a Line of Credit for Trade. No Funds will leave the Bank. They will be blocked in the Bank during the Trade.

Consultant Commissions will be paid from the Gross Monthly Earnings. Net Monthly Earnings which are split 50/50 between Asset Owner & Trade Platform.

Indicative Earnings (based on historical performance) are between 50% and 100% per Month Net to Owner subject to Time of the Year and Number of Daily Transactions.

Trade Period – 40 Weeks with Option to Extend up to 5 Years..


• Trade Platform will assess the Property based on Documents provided
• It pay all Expenses to obtain Insurance Wrap on Assets
• Trading will start after signing a JV Contract between the Platform and the Asset Owner. Net Monthly Profits will split 50/50 between the Platform and the Asset Owner.

We need:

• An Asset held in the Name of a Corporation or Individual;
• Proof of In-ground Assets. In Ground Asset could be In Exploitation or In Conservation;
• In Ground Asset could be Owned or in Concession;
• Mineral Rights arrangements for In-ground Assets, Permits, etc for the right of Mining;
• A recent Valuation Certificate with a Face Amount of over US$200 Million issued by Certified Assayer;
• A Client Information Sheet (CIS) duly completed including a Color Copy of Passport
• Bank SKR or RWA Letter that is Ready, Willing & Able to obtain Bank SKR from Top 10 Banks upon demand from Trader

Assets can be: Mines, Mineral & Drilling Rights, Quarries, Sand Deposits, Salt Mines, Natural & Spring Water Rights, Oil/Gas Fields, Oil/Gas Deposits, etc.

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