Dear Sir or Madam

Thank you for your interest in our Company. We hope you will find our Funding Programmes and Services, of immense benefit to your Organisation . For your information, APEX TRADING GROUP; is an Indian Company registered in Mumbai and apostilled/legalized in 1999 by the Indian government law Company–FINANCIAL CONSULTANT AND ADVISER APEX TRADING GROUP, is a fully-fledged “best of breed” Company of Financial Consultants and Financiers, focusing on the confidential financial needs of Entrepreneurs and Fund Managers – worldwide! We arrange Trade and Project Finance and/or Collateral’s for Trade and Project Finance; such as Bank Guarantees, Bills of Exchange, Letters of Credit; Surety Insurance and other Financial Guarantees. Our aim is to provide the highest quality, most innovative, fully featured and excellent funding services, at very competitive prices.The Group provides the best possible financial solutions; powered by Investment Partners, World’s Top Insurance Companies and Banks; hence, it’s not surprising that, APEX TRADING GROUP Holdings has grown into a leading Partner/Lender of Choice; for so many Individuals and their Commercial Projects.

The unique, non-status but transaction-based facilities on offer; underpin our intentions to establish ourselves, as the best, though not necessarily the biggest, in our area of expertise. These past years, we have successfully opened doors to Project and Trade Finance; for so many clients, one of whom is quoted below: Without any hidden charges, we facilitate and manage the process of Funding and/or Collaterization for Projects.

How would you like to speak with our Industry Veterans, such as Senior Company Executives, Accountants and Finance Experts; to hear about our Time Commitments; first-hand and get answers to your questions about Project Structuring and/or Restructuring, Tax Management and Asset Protection, Ownership and Project Funding? To ensure our clients’ needs are being met, our company never accept; more business, than it can handle, in a professional manner. Offers are Strictly Managed and Limited to Few Qualified Applicants per Year. Contact us soonest possible!  Due to flexibility , all types of Projects will be considered on a Non-Status basis –(regardless of Credit History)- with no upfront fees, subject to Terms and Conditions.

Apex Trading Group -1999 v For Companies; the Trades and/or Projects that we finance, are usually funded up to 95% and up to 100% for certain Governments.We are usually not interested in Joint Ventures, such as B.O.T., B.O.O., B.O.T.T., etc…except under special circumstances.

Therefore, the Financial Commitment of the Project Sponsors/Project Owners is vital! And although, owners’ Cash Inputs vary from Project to Project, please note: -For example: in meeting the INVESTMENT PARAMETERS for QUALITY PROJECTS, especially in the Heavy Industries, requiring shall we say,£/€/$10,000,000(GBP/EUR/USD) then, people will typically need to have: – o A Minimum Net Worth (Cash, Securities, Home-Equity…etc) of £/€/$1,500,000 o OR be ready with an Owner(s)’ Minimum Cash Investment of 5% of the Project Value;

 Please note… In Funding Terminology “No Upfront Fees” relates only to the preliminary review and preliminary due diligence to consider a project for potential funding.

 Therefore, please stop here, if you are seeking to finance your project with no investment of your own, including Retainer ship Fees – the costs of attending to you.

 On the other hand, if you have a quality project in which you have a reasonable equity, please read on; we may be of service to you. FUNDING PROGRAMMES FOR MEDIUM AND LARGE-

Have A Nice Day

Thanking You
With Best Warm Regards
APEX TRADING GROUP, Mumbai / UK / Canada
+91 8652524533 ( India )
EMAIL: bigbondb@gmail.com


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