Above Ground Asset Trade Program

Above Ground Asset Trade Program

Only Above Ground Assets allowed in this Trade Program (minimum 95% Paid only):

– Historical buildings in city centers – Hotels, hotels and restaurants
– Luxury villas in residential areas – Tourist, farms and agricultural land only including the relevant
– Historical buildings in the suburbs; – Shed craft, industrial, and industrial facilities of all kinds
– Villas and houses in residential areas – Building land with planning permission (Value per Sq. Ft and x number of planned)
– Palaces and condos – Other to be defined.
– Shopping centers, offices and shops;

All documentation must be sent before in PDF format (to set up one file per document – example: a document with two pages or more = 1-of-2 and so on) For a Preliminary Assessment.

AFTER APPROVAL: The original documents must be delivered by FedEx.

Transactions with incomplete or missing documentation will not be accepted.
The documentation shall be signed in blue and copied in color PDF (if apply)
Passport and /or I.D. copies shall be of front and back color on A4.
All documents must be received in one single lot, prior to PDF, later Originals by FedEx. Within 15 working days l get Outcome and / or integration of documents. The positive response will be done within 15 days.

We will be issuing the Contracts and Invitations to Representative and Customer/s in the bank for the signatures of the Contracts. So, within a maximum of 40 working days in total, the customer will be entered into the program.


• Copy of Purchase Contract ( when property was acquired)
• Copy of Property Profile
• Copy of the Grant Deed & Preliminary Title Report
• Copy Company /or Corp’s Statutes
• Copy Incorporation Certificate
• Color Copy of the Passport
• Property pictures (maximum 6)
• Copy of the Appraisal Report from Authorized Assayer
• Copy of the Building Floor Plans
• Land: Planning Permits (if applicable)
• Copy of Mortgage Debt balance (Mortgage Pay-Off)
• Board Resolution (JVA)
• Bank SKR or RWA Letter that is Ready, Willing & Able to obtain Bank SKR from Top 10 Banks upon demand from Traderhttp://www.bankersaccuity.com/resources/bank-rankings/

If you have any further questions regarding this, or any other program we offer please email me to: bigbondb@gmail.com
or Skype (ID: bhandari777) me during business hours.

DIRECT CONTACT : +91 8652524533


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