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Welcome To Apex Trading Group Company. We hope you will find our Funding Programmes and Services, of immense benefit to your Organisation

For your information, APEX TRADING GROUP; is an Indian Company registered in Mumbai and apostilled/legalized in 2000 by the Indian government law Company–FINANCIAL CONSULTANT AND ADVISOR.

APEX TRADING GROUP, is a fully-fledged “best of breed” Company of FinancialConsultants and Financiers, focussing on the confidential financial needs ofEntrepreneurs and Fund Managers – worldwide! We arrange Trade and Project Finance and/or Collaterals for Trade and Project Finance; such as Bank Guarantees, Bills of Exchange, Letters of Credit; Surety Insurance and other Financial Guarantees. Our aim is to provide the highest quality, most innovative, fully featured and excellent funding services, at very competitive prices.

One Stop For Financial Services

Providing all kind of financial lending services, Project finance, business finance, commercial finance, Industrial Finance, Hospital project finance, Building development construction finance, Government project finance, International Finance.

Also providing all kind of financial instrument, Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter Of Credit (SB  LC), Domestic & International Import Export Lc, MTN Bond, PPP & HYIP Program.(In association with APEX GROUP OF COMPANIES Company– Financial consultant & Financial help desk adviser) – Est.2000

 Please note… In Funding Terminology “No Upfront Fees” & “ Upfront Fees”relates only to the preliminary review and preliminary due diligence to consider a project for potential funding.

 Therefore, please stop here, if you are seeking to finance your project with no investment of your own, including Retainer-ship Fees – the costs of attending to you.

 On the other hand, if you have a quality project in which you have a reasonable equity, please read on; we may be of service to you.



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